2012 Winner of the HPA Charles S. Swartz Award for Outstanding Contributions In the Field of Post Production

The HPA celebrates his many contributions to our industry and our lives

Remembering Ray Dolby from Dolby Laboratories

Some of our favorite photos of Ray Dolby at the 2012 HPA Awards Show

LA Times articleSound pioneer Ray Dolby of Dolby Laboratories dies at 80

The Hollywood Reporter articleGenius Sound Engineer Ray Dolby Dies at 80

ABC News articleHe was an American inventor and founder of the Dolby company

USA Today articleSound pioneer Ray Dolby dies



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andrew h.

posted on September 13, 2013

defying science, ray dolby “changed” sound. by removing the haze of audio recording he freed the music to be as it should – clear and pure.

back in the day, seeing “dolby sound” printed on a recording was the “gold seal of approval”.

well done mr. dolby, well done.

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