Wendy Aylsworth is the currently elected President of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers through the end of 2014. Wendy spent many years overseeing the creation of the first D-Cinema standards that were adopted by SMPTE and the International Standards Organization, for which she was honored with the Digital Cinema Pioneer Award at ShoWest in 2006. She has served in many SMPTE offices and is a SMPTE Fellow.
Wendy is sponsored in SMPTE by Warner Bros. Technical Operations, where she is employed as Senior Vice President of Technology, overseeing the establishment of new technologies and assessing the impact of emerging technologies on content creation and distribution. In 2012, she successfully enabled the roll-out of High Frame Rate projection systems for the opening of Peter Jackson’s Hobbit trilogy, and she is currently working heavily to enable the digital distribution of high-quality content to the home on secure storage media.
Wendy is a member of both the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, currently participating in the Science & Technology Council.
Please give a moment of thanks and remembrance to Dr. Fumio Okano of NHK, with whom Wendy worked as co-editor of Dr. Okano’s 2012 IEEE Special Issue Journal on “Beyond HDTV.”