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HPA invites individuals and companies to share new and innovative technology with the participants of the HPA Tech Retreat in the spirit of technological collaboration. In this same spirit, it is important for participants to understand that while the Demo Room offers an opportunity to display and demonstrate technology, IT IS NOT A TRADE SHOW.

We want the Demo Room floor to be a focal point for our Tech Retreat participants to mingle and share thoughts and ideas around technology. While the Tech Retreat has always fostered an incredible opportunity for networking and “mingling in the hallways”, this year, the Demo Room itself is an important location for more of our Tech Retreat free time. Expect grab-and-go lunches, cocktail parties and breaks in the Demo Room – in this way, both demo room participants and our attendees will have more opportunities and more time during the Retreat to see technology and interact with their fellow Tech Retreat colleagues.

We know companies who are invited to participate in the demo room are, in fact, selling and marketing their products and services. HOWEVER, it is our tradition and condition of participation in the demo room that it not be a “sales floor.”

With that said, and out of the way (Did we mention that the Demo Room is NOT A TRADE SHOW), this year we plan to make it a bit easier for our attendees to get your message. Our HPA website will feature information about our select group of Demo Room participants. As part of this we will include a link to your website and the demo description you will be asked to provide. In fact, if your technology is selected as “Best of the Demo Room” your link will be on the HPA website for the full year until the next HPA Tech Retreat. And this year, feel free to hand out SWAG to our attendees (they, like most people, love FREE STUFF!)

Here is the list of what it takes to participate:

  1. You need to be showing something special – it must be of interest to those in post production, broadcast, or a related area. It must be new, something never shown before or with limited exposure prior to the Retreat. You will need to submit a brief description and it will be vetted. Not all applications will be accepted. We have limited space so, just like the main sessions, we will pick as many as we can and some may not make the cut (it’s not first come, first serve – see rule 3). There will not be any sponsored spaces, nor will we be able to accommodate a darkened space or area. Everyone needs to apply and pass the “something special” rule. If your company has more than one “something special,” you can apply for more than one booth (each booth focusing on that one thing).
  2. Service companies and solutions providers who have unique, NEW offerings in production, post or broadcast are invited to participate. The offering must have come into existence since the last Tech Retreat (Feb 2013) and can include new services, systems utilizing third-party manufactured hardware or software that is offered in an innovative or unique way for sale or rent. These offerings do not need to be available for purchase, but must be able to be vetted by the committee as a clear technology advancement or innovative solution for production, post production or broadcast.
  3. Be nice. The organizers of the Demo Room are volunteers. We are doing this to help connect innovations to participants of the HPA Tech Retreat. Our volunteer team also looks forward to seeing your innovative technology and are willing to spend their volunteer hours to help make it possible for all of our attendees to enjoy the DEMO ROOM. If your folks dealing with the demo room space are used to dealing with convention space and trade show contacts, they need to remember that the DEMO ROOM IS NOT A TRADE SHOW and that they are not BUYING booth space. If your organization is one of the lucky ones to be selected, think of the demo room as a really cool science fair in Palm Springs, with smart people, great food and a great opportunity to get in front of some of the most influential people in the industry. So when we say be nice, what this means is that we expect your folks to deal with our hardworking volunteers in a professional, respectful manner and that they cannot expect from this event what they might from a trade show organizer. What they can expect is an opportunity to be part of an industry tradition that puts your product and service in front of “the right people.” This is one rule that is important to remember.
  4. Demo Space information: each Demo Room participant will get a 8×10’ space, basic power (but more can be ordered and may carry an additional fee), and a table and chairs if you want them, but you may bring anything that will fit into that size space (except an exhibit booth) – i.e. small cove for monitors, racks, stands, etc. SIGNAGE MUST BE INCLUDED IN YOUR SPACE that meets the following specifications (NO EXCEPTIONS): 18” x 24” Foam Board or similar material which includes your name, logo and a brief description of your demo large enough that it can be read from a distance. Your sign should also include a cell phone number of someone nearby with whom attendees can schedule appointments at other than dedicated demo room times. We have arranged with the demo room installation company  to provide your signage and the hanging hardware at a special price. Complete information and an order form will be provided once you’ve been accepted into the demo room.
  5. No one is required to be at your demo during the entire time the demo room is open, but we ask that you have someone in place during the specific times dedicated to the Demo Room and listed in the Tech Retreat program. You are also free to make appointments during any open hours.
  6. Internet service in the demo room is provided via a hard line; it must be purchased through the hotel and will be offered at a discount for demo room participants. If you can only use Wi-Fi for your demo, you will also have to arrange this through the hotel. The Wi-Fi HPA provides for the conference room and foyer will not function efficiently if it’s also used for demos. The hotel will monitor the demo room for Wi-Fi usage. You may bring your own hub for internet if you prefer.
  7. There is a fee to participate in the demo room to help cover HPA costs for the room, standard electrical, 24-hour security, storage and other operational charges. In return, we provide all of those great folks for you to talk to about your cool technology.The cost for the DEMO ROOM if submitted on or before 12/17 is as follows: $500 for each demo room space IF at least one member of your team will be attending the Tech Retreat Conference sessions and paid the HPA member or non-member rate. $1000 for each demo room space IF NONE of your team will be registered for the Tech Retreat Conference. After 12/17, prices increase to $575 and $1150, respectively. Obviously we want at least one member of your team to participate in our community and in our event beyond just showing your cool technology. IN ADDITION to the cost of the DEMO ROOM, if someone working for you in the demo room does NOT attend the conference and is ONLY WORKING IN THE DEMO ROOM, then the following registration fee will apply: $700/person to register as a DEMO ROOM ONLY participant. (This fee includes HPA provided meals, evening events and the breakfast roundtables, but DOES NOT INCLUDE CONFERENCE SESSIONS.) If you need someone to help with set-up/tear-down, just let us know – if they stay, they will need to register as a Conference participant or Demo Room Only participant. Demo Room Tech registration is limited to two per space and includes all meals and the Welcome dinner but does not include any conference sessions. A request for an exception to the number of techs should be sent to
  8. Tech Retreat participants will be able to invite clients, other individuals within your company and interested industry professionals to the Demo Room. We offer a ONE-DAY Tech Retreat registration for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday that includes all activities in conjunction with the Demo Room and the conference that day. There is also a registration for the Demos and Cocktails only on Tuesday. Please see Registration Information for pricing and the Program for details about the Demo Room events of the day. THERE ARE NO FREE DEMO ROOM ONLY PASSES. Please make your invited guests aware of this.
  9. The HPA Tech Retreat has a number of Press attending. Press are requested to respect your wishes to be off-the-record or enter into an NDA with you, but you will have to arrange this directly with them. It is not required as part of our issuing a Press Pass.

We will still be taking applications as space allows after 12/17.

2014 Demo Room Schedule

(all times are Pacific Time)

Monday, February 17 8:00 am – 6:00 pm Ship in of equipment to the hotel
3:30 pm – 7:30 pm Demo Room opens for set up

Tuesday, February 18
9:00 am – 2:00 pm Final time for arrival and set up of demos at the hotel
2:30 pm – Set up of demos must be complete
4:00 pm – 8:00 pm Demo Room Opens (verify these times in the final program)
5:00 – 7:00 pm- Cocktail Reception in Demo Room – all attendees

Wednesday, February 19
7:30 am – 7:30 pm- Demo room is open
10:45 – 11:00 am – Break in Demo Room
noon – 1:58 pm – Lunch in the Demo Room
3:30 – 3:45 pm – Break in Demo Room
6:00 – 7:30 pm Cash Bar in Demo Room

Thursday, February 20
7:30 am – 2:00 pm Demo room open
10:15 – 10:30 am – Break in Demo Room
noon – 1:58 pm– Demo Room will be open during lunch
After lunch – Break-down and move out of demo room
6:00 pm – all equipment must be out of the demo room
(We request that you respect all demo room participants and attendees by not beginning your breakdown until the appointed time. If there are extenuating circumstances that require you to do so, please talk with Demo Room managers Vincent Maza or Alexa Maza in advance of starting your breakdown.)

Friday, February 21
8:45 am – 12:15 Closing sessions of the Tech Retreat
2:00 pm – Equipment must have been shipped out from the hotel
If anything is left until Monday, arrangements must be made directly with the hotel for storage and a fee may be charged.

Shipping instructions, handling fees, Internet pricing and hotel A/V fees for additional equipment needs will be provided upon acceptance of your demo.

Email any questions regarding the Demo Room to Questions regarding registration, fees or the Tech Retreat Conference should be directed to